Super Lynx UK Multi-role Helicopter

Super Lynx UK Multi-role HelicopterThe Super Lynx is the consign adaptation of the Lynx helicopter from AgustaWestland (formerly GKN Westland Helicopters). The UK Royal Navy is able with the Lynx HMA Mark 8 helicopters and the UK Army with AH Mk 7 and AH Mk 9 Lynx advance / advance helicopters.

The argosy Super Lynx is a multi-role helicopter for anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, seek and accomplishment and account operations.

Over 200 argosy Lynx helicopters are operational with 11 navies and are action accurate in several above conflicts including Operation Iraqi Freedom in March / April 2003. Over 200 Lynx advance / advance helicopters accept aswell been produced.

The Lynx airframe is complete of blended and ablaze alloy. The non-retractable tricycle-type landing accessory is advised for the helicopter to accomplish from baby ships in Sea State 6 and appearance oleo-pneumatic struts, which blot the shock of a 6ft/s coast rate.

A hydraulically operated harpoon deck-lock accepting arrangement secures the helicopter to the deck. The capital auto can be towed out, acceptance the aircraft to about-face into the wind while the deck-lock harpoon charcoal engaged. This removes the charge for the address to change course.

The berth amplitude of about 5.2m³ can board up to nine troops. Up to 1,360kg of burden can be underslung from an alien burden angle for ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship replenishment.

Sea Skua is an all-weather anti-ship missile developed by MBDA (formerly Matra BAe Dynamics) to accommodate medium- and all-embracing defence. Countries deploying the Sea Skua missile cover the UK, Bahrain, Germany, South Korea, Brazil and Turkey. Malaysian Navy Super Lynx 300 will aswell be armed with Sea Skua. The Lynx carries four Sea Skua missiles. The ambit of both the semi-active radar-guided Sea Skua missile and the Seaspray alarm is about 25km, which gives a stand-off adequacy to the Lynx helicopter.

Super Lynx can backpack a ambit of abyss charges, including the Mark 11 abyss charges, and torpedoes, including the Mark 44, Mark 46, the A244S and the Stingray torpedoes.