AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopter Picture

AH-1W Super Cobra Helicopter PictureAH-1W Super Cobra Helicopter Picture

The AH-1W is a twin-engined upgraded and bigger AH-1 aureate by the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Super Cobras are additionally in account the Tawainese and Turkish militaries. The AH-1 'Whiskey Cobra' has added avionics and can backpack a added ambit of weapons than the accepted AH-1.

The AH-1W has been in account with the USMC back 1985. 4 Squadrons of Super Cobras accompianed the USMC's advance into Kuwait during the 1991 Gulf War area they accepted awful able in the anti-armor role. 1 action abandoned resulted in 60 iraqi tanks destroyed.

It's projected that the Super Cobra helicopter will break in account for addition 10 years until it is absolutely replaced by the AH-1Z (a added set of upgrades to the AH-1, including 5-blade rotors, avant-garde sensors and countermeasures)


* 20mm M197 cannon turret with 110 degree field of fire
* wire-cutting blades postion around the cockpit to deal with the threat of high-tension wires - a real problem at low altitude
* aluminium bodywork
* twin engines (a must for operations over water)
* 2-blade steel/aluminium tail rotors
* night vision & electronic sensors allow for all-time / all-weather operations