MiG AT Advanced Trainer Aircraft

MiG AT Advanced Trainer AircraftMiG and Yakovlev are battling for a potential advanced trainer contract to replace up to 1 000 Aero L-29 and L-39 trainers in CIS air force service. There is aswell added absorption in their designs in the consign market. MiG MAPO's adversary is the MiG AT (Advanced Trainer). Although almost orthodox, the straight-wing architecture is claimed to accept the aforementioned high-Alpha administration as the MiG-29.

The MiG-AT is allotment of a complete action trainer arrangement including simulators, computerised classrooms, task-based simulators and alternate video training. The aircraft has manoeuvrability commensurable to a ambit of front-line action aircraft including the MiG-29, Su-27, Mirage-2000, Rafale, Typhoon, F-15, F-16 and F/A-18.

The MiG AT is getting developed as a collective adventure with Turbomeca and SNECMA for the Larzac engine and Sextant Avionique for the avionics. Mikoyan has congenital three aerial prototypes for the antecedent fly-off evaluation. The aboriginal ancestor represents the ATF basal trainer adaptation for the consign market, with a adapted adaptation of Sextant's Topflight modular avionics suite.

The additional is the MiG ATR trainer standards, with Russian avionics. The third is the ancestor for the MiG ATS combat-capable trainer. It has a helmet-mounted ambition appellation system, accouterment for seven alien hardpoints (in abode of the basal trainer's three) and a array of centreline targeting pods. The as-yet unbuilt MiG AS will be a single-seater, declared as getting akin to the BAE Hawk 200.