JH-7 Chinese Fighter-Bomber

JH-7 Chinese Fighter-BomberJH-7 Chinese Fighter-Bomber

The JH-7 is twin-engine two-seater, high-mounted swept wings in supersonic fighter-bomber has a configuration similar to the British aircraft "Tornado" attack. The aircraft is designed to have the same role and the kind of setup as the Russian Sukhoi Su-24 "Fencer". It has high mounted wings with compound sweepback, dog tooth leading edges and marked anhedral, twin turbofans, side air intakes, all swep tail surface, comprising large main fin, single small ventral fin and are under all moving stabilizer near the small wings in about two third tranche.

Approxomately Quarterchord sweep angles 45 degrees in the wings and flaps, 55 degrees off the tail. Double-barreled weapons including 23 mm in the nose, two towers of the stores under each wing, plus short-range air-rail-air missile on each wingtip. Load under the wings typical for shipping attck includes two C-801-anti-ship sea skimming missiles and two fuel tanks.

The JH-7 has provided the Chinese Navy with improved attack capabilities. However, WS9 turbofan does not have enough thrust (with 9305 kg thrust driven by motor), the maximum pump capacity of the large size wrestler with a maximum takeoff weight of 27 metric tons is five metric tons much less than foreign aircraft in the same weight.