Mi-17 Hip-H Multi-Role Helicopter

Mi-17 Hip-H Multi-Role HelicopterMi-17 Hip-H Multi-Role Helicopter

The MI-17 (NATO reporting name: Hip-H) is a Multi-Role helicopter used to resupply CLF guerrillas or insert PSOC detachments. Also very well armed with an extensive array or rockets, and firearms misslies. Often used to the air forces of assault infantry to attack the point of penetration, reinforce units in contact or disrupt the counterattack. Additional missions include attack, air support, electronic warfare, early warning in the air medical evacuation, search and rescue, and mine laying.

The Mi-17 is powered by two turboshaft engines Klimov TV3-117MT, each rated at 1950 hp. The helicopter can continue the takeoff, even with engine off. An auxiliary power unit (APU) allows starting the engine at altitudes of 6,000 m. The Mi-17-V5 is powered by two TV3-117VM (A) engines, each rated at 2,200 hp. The Mi-17V7 latter has two VK-2500 turboshaft engines, each rated at 2,400 hp. The VK-2500 engine also features a full authority digital engine control (FADEC) for "hot and high" conditions.