UH-72A Lakota New U.S Light Utility Helicopters

UH-72A Lakota New U.S Light Utility HelicoptersUH-72A Lakota New U.S Light Utility Helicopters

The UH-72A Lakota is new the new U.S. Army Light Utility Helicopters, the name of a Native American tribe. It is in keeping with the tradition of U.S. Army helicopters to give their Indian names. The Lakota is a military version of the Eurocopter EC145. The helicopters are being manufactured by American Eurocopter. It will replace the older UH-1H Iroquois helicopters and OH-58C Kiowa. Lakota helicopters used in the U.S. only, support for national security, disaster relief operations and law enforcement.

The first UH-72 Lakota was delivered to U.S. Army in 2006. Deliveries of the first eight helicopters were completed in 2007. Helicopters were ordered later and a large percentage production was authorized. The requirement for U.S. Army is a total of 345 helicopters. The Army National Guard will receive the bulk of these helicopters. Five helicopters were ordered by the U.S. Navy.