Saab J35 Draken Interceptor Fighter

Saab J35 Draken Interceptor FighterSaab J35 Draken Interceptor FighterThe Saab 35 Draken [Dragon] is a second generation supersonic interceptor with a particular double delta wing. the choice to develop the Saab 35 Draken supersonic fighter, which introduced what was maybe the most daring chapter thus far in the history of the Swedish aircraft industry, had been taken as far} back as 1949. once a lot of analysis as well flight-testing of a 70 % scale aircraft, the {first prototype of the innovative double-delta Draken flew in late 1955 and Sweden´s first Mach 2 fighter was a reality, coming into production in 1957.

The single-seat combat aircraft has, a single engine and is equipped with two 30mm automatic cannons and Sidewinder air-to-air guided weapons. The fuselage is spherical with tiny canopy, extending beyond the trailing fringe of the tail fin, which is tiny and is extremely swept along each leading and trailing edge. tiny oval air intakes are located on either aspect of the fuselage. There are many versions of this aircraft and the type can operate from small airfields.