AW109M Light Multipurpose Helicopter

AW109M Light Multipurpose HelicopterAW109M Light Multipurpose HelicopterThe AW109M light, twin-engine multipurpose helicopter has been developed by AgustaWestland in Italy. The A109M is a military version of the A109 Power family of civil helicopters, that are offered in VIP/corporate, EMS emergency services and law enforcement versions. Around 300 A109 Power helicopters have been ordered since the model's entry into service in 1996.

The A109M features high engine power with FADEC (Full Authority Electronic Control) management, composite rotor head and blades, advanced avionics and cockpit integration. The helicopter is operated by a crew of one or two. The cabin can fitted with one or two stretcher installation for casualty evacuation. the most number of seats on board is eight.

The A109M can perform various missions and operations in hot temperatures and high altitudes. Missions include observation and reconnaissance, armed escort, search and rescue, troop / cargo transport, casualty evacuation, liaison and training.