AV-8B Harrier Light Attack Aircraft

AV-8B Harrier Light Attack AircraftAV-8B Harrier Light Attack Aircraft

The AV-8B Harrier is a single seat, light attack aircraft that provides offensive air support to the Working Group Marine Air-Ground (MAGTF). By virtue of its Vertical / Short Take-Off and Landing (V / STOL) capability, the AV-8B can operate from a variety of amphibious ships, rapidly constructed expeditionary airfields, places of interest (eg, roads), and damaged conventional airfields. This makes the aircraft particularly well suited for providing dedicated close air support.

The AV-8B vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) strike aircraft was designed to replace the AV-8A aircraft and A-4M light attack. The requirement for the Marine Corps force attack V / STOL light has been well documented since the end of 1950. Combining tactical mobility, responsiveness, reduced operating cost base and flexibility, both afloat and ashore, V / STOL aircraft are particularly well suited for combat and special needs expeditionary Marine Corps. The AV-8BII + has the APG-65 radar for the F/A-18 common and all previous systems and the characteristics common to the AV-8BII.