A-4 Skyhawk Light Attack Aircraft

A-4 Skyhawk Light Attack AircraftA-4 Skyhawk Light Attack Aircraft

The A-4 Skyhawk is a light attack aircraft, with a design based on the experience gained in the Korean War. The "Scooter" is probably one of the most famous attack aircraft ever designed. This short-range attack and close support aircraft was originally intended for the U.S. Navy and naval forces. The design was a quick success, and Skyhawks continue flying in the air forces around the world.

There are numerous models of the A-4 in use. All models have two 20 mm cannons mounted in the interior, and are capable of carrying conventional and nuclear weapons in the day and night visual meteorological conditions. The aircraft is a very compact, with not much space. The structure is conventional semimonocoque all metal. Equipped with automatic actuating wing slats and flaps hydraulic division. Folding wings were not provided.