Kamov Ka-31 Helix Helicopter

Kamov Ka-31 Helix HelicopterKamov Ka-31 Helix Helicopter

Kamov Ka-31 Helix helicopter is for long-range detection of air targets fixed-wing/helicopter type, including low-level detection, and the excess water of ships, monitoring and automatic transmission of data to command posts. The helicopter can significantly increase the combat efficiency of the mission of Navy ships, Army aviation and detachments of tanks, providing timely information on the activities of vessels, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters of the enemy.

Ka-31 helicopter has been developed based on Ka-27 helicopter on board ships coaxial. Under the cabin floor transport chamber is a cavity of the support mechanism of rotation to a base 6 m of light. To avoid interfering with the plane of rotation of the antenna integral legs front landing gear retracted backwards into the flight deck leading scholars and legs are retracted upward. In the stowed position, the antenna is held against the bottom of the fuselage. The search team and attack helicopter Ka-27 to combat the submarine is dismantled. Instead, a set of radio-electronics has been installed to target detection radars, the objectives of the identification and transmission of water in the air and the data of the situation based command posts ship and ashore. Ka-31 is based on ships and on land