Sukhoi Su-37 Multirole Fighter Jet

Sukhoi Su-37 Multirole Fighter JetSukhoi Su-37 Multirole Fighter Jet

The designation Su-37 was first used to market a truly multi-role version of the Su-35 (Su-27M) to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force. The Su-37MR (MR for multiple functions) that would offer French-built instrumentation and a number of changes to the avionics. Sukhoi Design Bureau and the company selected export Knaap series produced T10M-11 (Su-27M pre-production test aircraft) for the conversion, which had already been testing N011M mode multi-phase array radar. However, the UAE preferred Mirage 2000-9, and decided to use the T10M-11 as a flight test for the engine thrust vector control (TVC) system. The designation Su-37 remained.