Sukhoi Su-35 Russia Multirole Fighter Jet

Sukhoi Su-35 Russia Multirole Fighter JetSukhoi Su-35 Russia Multirole Fighter Jet

The impressive Sukhoi Su-35 is the latest incarnation of the family T-10 fighter jet. It would be fair to describe this plane as the pinnacle of the current design of conventional combat, combining excellent aerodynamic design of base engine with technologically advanced flight control and avionics.

The designation Su-35 has been applied to two basic Flanker since 1991. The first aircraft to carry the label of Su-35 was the 1990 E Flanker T-10M/Su-27M digital, driven by Al-31FM motor and equipped with radar Tikhomirov NIIP N011 series flat. Export configurations were designated Su-35. This aircraft was used as the basis for the technology demonstration F-37 Flanker Its advanced, often labeled as the Super Flanker. The Su-37 was used as a platform for testing a modern glass cockpit, PESA N011M Bars radar, engine thrust vector control and a quad digital control system with a controller flgiht sidestick power. Much of the technology proven in the Su-37 Flanker H migrated Su-30MKI/MKM are exported to Asia.

The current Su-35 ordered in 2009 the Russian Air Force, was the result of a series of design studies for a thorough modernization of the design of Su-27M. This was actually more of a profound re-engineering the basic design of the shape of the F-15E against the F-15C out during the 1980's. The new Su-35BM maintains the basic design of aerodynamic and structural design much of the Flanker late model, but sees major aerodynamic improvements and brand new engines and digital systems.