Mi-28 Havoc Russian Attack Helicopter

Mi-28 Havoc  Russian Attack HelicopterMi-28 Havoc  Russian Attack Helicopter
The MI-28 'Havoc' has had a long and difficult development history, beginning within the early 80s when it competed, and lost, to the KA-50 in Soviet procurement trials. the look lived on into the mid 90s within the sort of the Mi-28N, a a lot of subtle variant, kitted out with advanced sensors (notably a radar / flir pod mounted on top of the most rotor) and fireplace control systems. The MI-28N is now in active service among the Russian military and is on the market for export.

The Havoc can carry a spread of weapons into battle. A 30mm 2A42 cannon is mounted beneath the nose and may pivot through 200 degrees. The MI-28's stub wings embody counter measure pods full of infra-red and electronic jammers, flare/chaff launchers and contain hardpoints for a spread of air-to-surface ordinance. Typical loudout includes unguided folding-fin rockets of varied calibers in underslung pods and Shturm radio-guided and/or Ataka radar-guided anti-tank missiles. as with most modern gunships, crew survivability is paramount and the Havoc 's cockpits are heavily armored.