CH-47 Chinook Medium-Lift Helicopter

CH-47 Chinook Medium-Lift HelicopterCH-47 Chinook Medium-Lift Helicopter

The CH-47 Chinook Medium-Lift Helicopter of U.S. Boeing is very easy to identify. In other words, it seems rather strange. That's all for the 'tandem-rotor design is somewhat different from other helicopters. Development of the elevation models of Boeing 114 and 414, CH-47 Chinook series began in 1956. Since then, successive product improvements carried out, the main variations include CH-47A, 47B-CH, CH-47C and CH-47D.

Tandem rotors are both well above the fuselage. And the two outer engines are out of the rear fuselage, the rotor head is driven by the rotor with a shaft at the top of the cab. This design means that the plane had a cabin 50 feet long can carry up to 45 fully equipped troops or 10 tons of cargo or 155 mm howitzer, or small vehicles internally or externally on a three point mopunting no limit structure. That `s why the tandem rotors is chosen. At the end of the cockpit, the tail of the CH-47, there is a tailgate ramp, with easy loading or unloading goods. The small vechiles may be removed from the cabin by themselves through this door. Two large side doors are sized on the plane, too. The capacity of large CH-47 makes an ideal aircraft battlefield support.