MiG 1-42 MFI Multifunctional Fighter

MiG 1-42 MFI Multifunctional FighterMiG 1-42 MFI Multifunctional Fighter

The MiG 1-42 MFI (Mnogofunktsionalny Frontovoi Istrebitel - multifunctional Frontline Fighter), sometimes called in the West as "ATFski," is a low-observable (LO) multipurpose fighter. The primary mission of air superiority 1.42, which makes 1.42 a direct equivalent of Russia from the USAF F-22, but, being a multi-functional fighter that performs almost as well on a mission attack.

Two prototypes have been built, called the MiG 1-44. The program has been suspended several times due to lack of funds, but has survived. It carries missiles in internal bays and external on towers (like the F-22) and MiG MAPO claims as it is stealthy than the F-22. The chief designer of 1.42 says it will have greater flexibility and scope than the F-22 (It has 3D TVC and large). If built, it could enter service around 2006-2008.