F-111 Aardvark US Strategic Bomber Jet

F-111 Aardvark Strategic Bomber JetF-111 Aardvark Strategic Bomber Jet
The swing-wing F-111 was designed as a multi-role aircraft, however ended as an attack/strike aircraft. it had been the results of an unwise and sad conceive to fulfill completely different USAF and Navy needs with one aircraft. The F-111B shipboard fighter, developed in cooperation with Grumman, was an entire failure. The F-111 strike fighter itself had a tough begin, however accumulated a decent service and combat record in later years. Production was 563 aircraft. One F-111A was changed to the RF-111A/D configuration with cameras and SLAR.

The FB-111 may be a strategic bomber development of the F-111. The FB-111 is longer and might carry a lot of fuel, however does not have real intercontinental range; this is often compensated by its missile armament.

The EF-111A may be a changed F-111A. The F-111A was well-suited for modification to the role of an airborne electronic warfare platform as a result of its structural strength, maneuverability and performance -- together with the flexibility to penetrate enemy airspace and escape at supersonic speed. Exterior modifications embrace a slim canoe-shaped radome, regarding sixteen feet (4.85 meters) long, mounted beneath the fuselage, that house antennas for the high-powered jamming transmitters. Also, a fin-tip pod is mounted on the strengthened vertical stabilizer to deal with receiving antennas and ancillary equipment, together with a processor to detect hostile radar emissions. the entire equipment weight is regarding three.5 tons (3,150 kilograms).