AH-1Z Viper Twin-Engine Attack Helicopter

AH-1Z Viper Twin-Engine Attack HelicopterAH-1Z Viper Twin-Engine Attack Helicopter

The AH-1Z Viper is a Twin-Engine attack helicopter designed the AH-1W Super Cobras Marine Corps (USMC)'s inventory. With a 4-blade rotor system (main and tail), powerful engines avionics, the AH-1Z Viper upgrade over the AH-1W 'Whiskey Cobra' replace.

AH-1Z pilots and co-pilot/gunners wear a Top Owl Helmet Mounted Sight and (HMD) that vision system project from the helicopter's FLIR and video sensors that are mounted chin into the helmet's visor. The AH-1Z a digital glass cockpit with 8x6 LCD multi-function displays (MFDs) and .2x4.2 LCD MFDs at crew station. These displays interface with the helicopter's sensors, aircraft management ssystems, navigation systems and mission management systems.

The Viper carries of weapons AH-1W in larger quantities. The helicopter carries a A/A49E-7 turret beneath its chin that holds the M197 3-barreled 20mm gatling gun. The AH-1Z shares of its core with another USMC helicopter, the UH-1Y venom. the AH-1Z and UH-1Y are enter active service in 2011.