Tu-22M Backfire Supersonic Bomber Aircraft

Tu-22M Backfire Supersonic Bomber AircraftTu-22M Backfire Supersonic Bomber Aircraft

The Tu-22M Backlash is a all-embracing aircraft developed by the Tupolev architecture agency for accepted attack, anti-ship, assay and nuclear bang missions. The Tu-22 can be able with bombs air-to-surface missiles and was developed for attacks in Europe, Asia and intercontinental mission adjoin the United States. The Tu-22M was developed from the Tu-22 bomber.

This supersonic Soviet bomber was appointed in 1971 in the Backlash and able of aeriform refueling from a tanker. It became one of the best important intelligence debates of the algid war if it was a bomber, periphal advance or intercontinental attack. The key capricious was the best ambit of the aircraft.

Tupolev claimed a ambit of activity for the aboriginal backfires model. The United States Defense Intelligence Agency initially estimated that the backlash would accept a unrefueled action ambit of some 5000Km. But according to the CIA, the backlash would accept a ambit amid the 3360 and 3960 km. The American intelligence association estimated that the Tu-22M wouldn't be a blackmail for the US, but after the US Air Fore estimated that it could be acclimated for a one way intercontinental advance on the United States.