U2-2 Dragon Lady Reconnaissance Aircraft

U2-2 Dragon Lady Reconnaissance AircraftU2-2 Dragon Lady Reconnaissance AircraftU2-2 Dragon Lady Reconnaissance Aircraft

The US Air Force U-2 high-altitude assay aircraft aboriginal flew in 1955 and was developed by Lockheed Martin at the acclaimed Skunk Works site. The aircraft provides connected surveillance day and night and in all weathers. The aircraft can accumulate surveillance and signals intelligence abstracts in absolute time and can be deployed anywhere in the world.

The U-2, which is accepted as the Dragon Lady, can amble at 70,000ft (21,336m) over the breadth of operations for several hours and is generally declared as a glider due to its flight characteristics.

The architecture has remained about banausic over decades of operational deployment but the assay systems are consistently upgraded with advanced and classified systems.

The aftermost U-2 was delivered in 1989 and there are 32 U-2S aircraft in the US Air Force fleet.

The U-2 was acclimated in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield during the Gulf Crisis during 1990 and 1991, over Bosnia and Kosovo in abutment of NATO armament during the 1990s, in Afghanistan in 2001 and in abutment of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.