Tu-22 Blinder Soviet Supersonic Bomber

Tu-22 Blinder Soviet Supersonic BomberTu-22 Blinder Soviet Supersonic Bomber

The Tu-22 "Blinder" was the first Soviet supersonic bomber design intended to replace the Tu-16. The Tu-22 original design aimed at creating a contemporary terrorist could avoid combat interceptors using its high speed and altitude. The mid-range Tu-22 were Anglo-American strike bomber bases and other key objectives of NATO and the U.S. Navy carriers in Europe and Asia.

The Tu-22 design feautres a long and thin, tube-like fuselage with a pointed nose pointing and swept wings. The plane was nicknamed "Shilo" (punch) for his crew for their metallic form, he said. The two Dobrynin VD-7M engines are in pods above the main body, one on each side of the plane's tail. From 1965 these were replaced by improved motor Kolesov RD-7M2. The design improved the flow of air into the engine, minimizing the possibility of medical waste removed from the earth.

Disadvantage of the design problem was the maintenance of engines in this position, the necessary strengthening of the tail section and the front had to be Mas because the center of gravity was in the rear of the aircraft. The main landing gear retracts into separate shelves extend beyond the wing.