Boeing F-15SE Silent Eagle

Boeing F-15SE Silent EagleBoeing F-15SE Silent Eagle
The Boeing Company has successfully launched a missile from the F-15SE Silent Eagle of arms Bay (CWB) on 14 July. F-15E1 demonstration left the station in Point Mugu Naval Air Weapon, California, at 5:59 pm Pacific time, launched an inert AIM-120 advanced medium air to Air Missile (AMRAAM) on your left CWB and returned to base at 18:52

The Silent Eagle is an innovative design solution developed in response to the needs of international clients a cost-effective combat aircraft performance to defend against future threats. Using a modular design approach, the F-15SE offers unique cross section aerodynamics, avionics and radar (RCS) reduction of the features that give users the maximum flexibility to master the ever-changing environment of advanced threats. RCS reduction treatments include aircraft (based on U.S. government policy).

The F-15SE CWBS can lead to a variety of air-air missiles like the AIM-9 and AIM-120, and air-ground weapons like the joint direct attack munition and the small diameter bomb. Silent Eagle CWBS can be easily removed, and the aircraft can be rapidly reconfigured in the combat-proven external transport / fuel tank forming load based on mission requirements.