MiG-31 Russian Fighter Interceptor Aircraft

MiG-31 Russian Fighter Interceptor AircraftMiG-31 Russian Fighter Interceptor Aircraft

The Russian MiG-31 is a long-range supersonic Fighter Interceptor Aircraft. It used to be dedicated to the air defense of the Soviet Union. though based on the MiG-25 the various changes neccessary to boost range and flight performance at low altitude resulted in an all new aircraft. The fuselage was strengthened to create it appropriate for supersonic flight at low level. The 'Foxhound' is powered by 2 D-30F6 turbofans that improved range drastically over the MiG-25 engines.

The D-30F6 required larger air intakes and bigger exhaust nozzles. The key to succes of the MiG-31 as an interceptor is the Zaslon SBI-16 phased array radar. this fireplace controlt radar is capable of tracking 10 targets at ranges up to 120 kilometers (75 miles) and interact four targets right away. Tracking and engagement is the task of the WSO that is seated behind the pilot. it's armed with four longe-range R-33 (AA-9 Amos) air-to-air missiles carried below the fuselage.