TD-2 Indian Light Combat Helicopter

TD-2 Indian Light Combat HelicopterTD-2 Indian Light Combat HelicopterTD-2 Indian Light Combat Helicopter

Another important milestone was to achieve the Indian state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). According to our sources the HAL helicopter program development insignia light combat helicopter (LCH) second prototype TD-2 (Technology Demonstrator) achieved its first flight at 1500hrs IST. This is a huge boost for the program in this prototype is expected to be a version in arms.

The nature of this test flight is not yet clear but it is believed that the helicopter made low level float similar to the first test flight of LCH TD-1. The TD-2 also has a lot of Indians tickets Army digital camouflage specific as revolutionary. Also, the TD-2 is 100kgs lighter than the TD-1. TD-2 is also equipped with a fully functional takeover target and the sight of a pod pilots have not been seen in TD-1.

Plan to develop an attack helicopter was completed in October 2006 after the design concept developed by HAL was approved by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. Need a platform of modern attack helicopter was felt by the Indian military in the late 90's when their attack helicopter fleet comprises some 30 Russian Mi-24 and Mi-35 proved to be useless in height and lacked the sophistication necessary for modern warfare complex. It was decided to develop an attack helicopter that can meet the unique and different from the Army and Air Force.