Chinese Aircraft Stealth bomber Xian H-8

Chinese Aircraft Stealth bomber Xian H-8Chinese Aircraft Stealth bomber Xian H-8
The H-8 is a secret strategic bomber, a stealth aircraft plane for China and in step with the “Fenghuang Tower” the H-8 is reported to start trial flights from January 5th, 2011. The Chinese leadership was present in full strength comprising the Central Military Committee officers, air force logistics department officers, national defense science and business committee, Xi’an deputy mayor and the provincial party committee assistant deputy secretary for inauguration of the project.

The H-8 bomber was a Chinese military aircraft that was a possible successor to the Xian H-6 twin-engine jet bomber. The prototype aircraft was reported to be an enlarged version of the H-6 with under-wing engines, but that the project was canceled in the early Seventies before the bomber went into production. The Chinese military incorporates a stealth bomber called Xian H-8 that has four Ws-10A engines derived from Russian and US technology. The engines are made up of carbon fiber and coated with special nanotechnology. The Xian H-8 incorporates a max speed of Mach one.2 and carries stealth missiles in its cargo bay and might can also carry nuclear missiles. China is currently developing stealth fighters like J-XX and J-13 (which is predicated on the J-10).

The H-8 can have four turbo-fan engines, the core of that is predicated on the WS-10A. Weapons can embody 12 “red birds” or 3 cruise missiles distribute in two weapons bays. each of the cruise missiles could use a nuclear warhead and might fire from a distance of 3,000 kilometers. It may also use a number of alternative weapons as well as laser guided “thunder stone” half dozen, satellite steerage bomb and anti-ship missile, amongst others.

The H-8 bomber is a Stealth, strategic, and serious bomber all rolled into one. It carries a crew of two and will fly as fast as Mach one.4, incorporates a vary of 11,000 kilometers (without refueling), and might carry over eighteen tonnes of bomb load. It can carry twelve Stealth cruise missiles (each with a range of 3,000 km) on each of the two weapons bays. It may carry an additional three nuclear missiles (350-kilotons each). The bomber are going to be mass-produced and will enter active service in the PLAAF by 2010. The bomber can replace the recent H-6 bombers that the PLAAF have in active service.