SH-60F Oceanhawk Anti-Submarine Warfare

SH-60F Oceanhawk Anti-Submarine WarfareSH-60F Oceanhawk Anti-Submarine Warfare
SH-60F Oceanhawk Carrier based anti-submarine warfare and flight operations support helicopter. SH-60F Oceanhawk was developed by the U.S. Navy to replace the SH-3H Sea King helicopter carrier support. An SH-60F prototype was built and first flew in March 1987. The SH-60F entered service with the fleet aboard the USS Nimitz (SA-2) in 1991.

The SH-60F is a twin-engine medium lift utility helicopters. Equipped with one 4-blade rotor and a single 4-bladed tail rotor. The basic crew complement of the SH-60F is four; pilot co-pilot/ATO a tactical sensor operator enlisted (TSO) and one enlisted acoustic sensor operator (ASO). The SH-60F can accommodate 3 passengers.