Mi-26 HALO Transport Helicopter

Mi-26 HALO Transport HelicopteMi-26 HALO Transport Helicopte

The Mi-26 transport helicopter, most heaviest and powerful helicopter in the world, was designed to carry large loads up to 20 tons. It is the result of a specification in early 1970 a transport helicopter whose empty weight, without fuel, was no more than half of its maximum takeoff weight. Can be used for construction projects ranging from bridges to power transmission lines. The combination of high capacity and high cruise speed makes the use of the helicopter of economic efficiency.

The Mi-26 is the first helicopter with an eight-bladed main rotor which is mounted above the center fuselage of a hump. Two turboshaft engines are mounted on the top of the cab with air intakes above all, and behind the cockpit and exhaust ports on the sides of the engines. The long, bus-like body with fixed three candles landing gear wheels of the nose and rear, with a raised section in the back and round nose and cockpit intensified. The tail is swept with a slightly tapered fin with large rotor on right side. The floors are sharp and low face mounted on the leading edge of the fin.