AMX Brazil / Italy Fighter-Bomber Aircraft

AMX Brazil / Italy Fighter-Bomber AircraftAMX Brazil / Italy Fighter-Bomber Aircraft

The AMX Brazil / Italy Fighter-Bomber Aircraftt, designed to fly at low altitude in high subsonic missions day or night and in poor visibility. It is capable of operating from runways damaged or unprepared. It has a limited number of air-air and integrated ECM capabilities for self defense.

AMX-T two-seat variant of the AMX and used as advanced trainer. The AMX-T retains the operational capability of the single-seat version. The Venezuelan Air Force (FAV) is planning to replace its aging fleet of T-2A Buckeyes with AMX-T. The plane of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) are called A-1 (car) and TA-1 (two seats). Also the Brazilian AMX aircraft are equipped with two cannons DEFA 544 30mm, while the Italian variant is equipped with a multi-barrel M61A1 20 mm cannon.

Advanced Trainer Attack AMX (AMX-ATA) is a new two-seat AMX, multi-mission attack fighter for combat roles and advanced training. The AMX-ATA adds new sensors, a display of infrared vision, helmet-mounted, a new multimode radar for anti-air capability and anti-ship, and new weapons systems including anti-ship missiles and medium-range missiles.