J-8 Finback Chinese Fighter Jets

J-8 Finback Chinese Fighter JetsJ-8 Finback Chinese Fighter JetsJ-8 Finback Chinese Fighter Jets

Jet Air Force fighter of china. Have not been built around 100-150 aircraft in the first version was launched in 1979. In the second version - the J-8-2 - about 100 aircraft have been built and is similar to the Su-15 and F-4. Having been updated with the best of Jian-8IIM which was developed by China and Russia that is the result of a modernization of F-8M.

Jian-8IIM Since we can say that has improved and better equipped to withstand the damage that the F-16A / C and the Mirage 2000. You must also have a better and better radar avionics of the F-16A / C, F-18A and Mirage 2000-5. The aircraft can be equipped with advanced PL-9 and P-73 missiles. Not bought around 150-200 Zhuk radar of a company in Russia to the new Jian-8IIM (F-8II) and J-10. The Jian-8IIM not have a lot of material composed of titanium face and vanes making it cheaper than the F-16C, but more difficult to control the aircraft. The actioradius is also shorter than the F-16C.