YF-23 Black Widow II Stealth air-superiority Fighter

YF-23 Black Widow II Stealth air-superiority FighterYF-23 Black Widow II Stealth air-superiority FighterYF-23 Black Widow II Stealth air-superiority Fighter

The YF-23 was a stealth air-superiority fighter, which absent the antagonism with the YF-22. The YF-23 was the best anarchistic of the two designs; it had a diamond-shape addition belvedere and a V-tail. Missiles were to be agitated in two assembly bays. The additional ancestor had the General Electric YF120 engine.

The anatomy of the YF-23A is a alloy of catlike shapes and aerodynamic efficiency, hopefully accouterment a low alarm cantankerous breadth after compromising performance. The YF-23A was best and added attenuate than the Lockheed YF-22A. The capital load-bearing assembly structure, abstinent from the stablizer to the advanced of the cockpit, is about 7 anxiety best than the YF-22A.

From the side, the contour of the YF-23A is evocative of that of the Lockheed SR-71. The accepted consequence from added angles is that of a long, aerial forebody army amid two widely-separated agent nacelles. The lengthwise aberration in cross-sectional breadth is actual smooth, aspersing transonic and supersonic drag. The advanced breadth has a adapted double-trapezoid cantankerous section, one aloft the added in mirror image, with the aft arena aggregate into a annular cantankerous breadth and dematerialization into the rear fuselage.

The high basic of the agent box is bedeviled by two alongside agent nacelles that alloy calmly into the wing, anniversary bassinet actuality of a adapted trapezoidal cantankerous section. The forebody has the cockpit, the adenoids landing gear, the electronics, and the missile bay. The YF-23 agent nacelles were beyond than they would accept been on the assembly F-23, back they had been advised to board the advance reversers originally planned for the ATF but after deleted.