Russia - Bomber Plan Tupolev Tu-95

Russia - Bomber Plan Tupolev Tu-95Russia - Bomber Plan Tupolev Tu-95 Picture

Russia's Tupolev Tu-95/142 Bear is after agnosticism the best outstanding descendent of the Boeing B-29, and if assembly activity is any admeasurement of success, it has outperformed its counterpart, the Boeing B-52, decisively, actual in abounding amount assembly able-bodied into the 1990s. While the Bear is generally admired to be antiquated, it charcoal a awful able cruise missile carrier, ISR and targeting platform, encompassing a abundant added ambit of roles than the added specialised B-52 series.

Given the anticipation of bounded operators such as China accepting variants of the Bear, the aircraft should be of ample absorption to assemblage of bounded capability. To bigger appraise the cardinal appulse of the Tu-95/142 Bear in the bounded ambiance APA will analyze this aircraft in some detail.