A-10 Thunderbolt USA 2-engine Attack Airplane

A-10 Thunderbolt USA 2-engine Attack AirplaneA-10 Thunderbolt USA 2-engine Attack Airplane

The A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American 2-engine attack airplanes specially designed for ground attacks against armored vehicles including tanks.

The A-10 is usually regular equipped with a 30mm canon below the nose and can become armored by using air-to-ground missiles, general function & cluster bombs and also accuracy bombs. The following supplementary function is the delivery of support while in SAR operations and Special Forces operations.

The A-10 has a large actioradius (800 miles) plus a small land, take-off capacity. There have been constructed 707 aircraft where of 393 still in service with the US Air Force, 97 with the US Air Reserve and 192 with the US Air National Guard. From 2005 until 2009 they have been up-to-date known as: the "Precision Engagement upgrade". A lot more with this observe below.

The aircraft is in support since 1972. Thanks to a lot off updates this A-10 will stay in service with the USAF until 2028. This A-10's are stationed with air force bases in the United States, in South-Korea, in Alaska, in Germany and in Kuwait.